Ági Berecz,

Integral consultant, environmental educator, forest bathing guide 

I have been working as a traner and facilitator since 2005, both in Hungary and internationally at learning programmes about ecological awareness and personal development. My intention is to invite the Natural surroundings as a holding space and mentor into one to one and group learning processes in order to release stress and to strengthen the awareness of our interconnectedness with Nature. We can thus think of ourselves and our Earth as a whole.

During the work we connect with ourselves with yogic practices and mindful presence, with each other with heartfelt deep listening and we connect with the more than human world. This connectedness may soothe symptoms of our sense of separation in our modern society. 


In 2004, with the Green Bridge Foundation in Pécs, Hungary I designed and established the Eco Corner environmental education center and programme, which provided extra curricular learning programmes for primary school children. In 2005-2006 I was trained as a trainer for the European Youth Programme of the European Council, then facilitated international non-formal and youth training courses. Between 2007-2010 I lived and worked in Cambridge, UK, where I was trained in two psychologically based ecological learning methodology: the “Cambridge Carbon Conversations” and Joanna Macy’s “Work That Reconnects” deep ecology groupwork. I was trained in Findhorn, Scotland within the Gaia Education’s  Ecovillage Design Education course. In 2018 I obtained a “Leadership and facilitation” certificate from the Schumacher College in Devon. Back in Hungary I worked as trainer for the “EcoTeams” and “Goals for Goods” programmes of GAP International, within the Hungarian Conscious Consumers Association. Since 2012,  I am funding president of Pandora Deep Ecology Association. In the past decade hundreds of people explored cooperation between people and Nature at our trainings, workshops.

Yogic wisdom has been accompanying me for more than two decades. In 2011 I graduated as level 1 yoga instructor at the international Kundalini Research Institute, since then I have been using yogic practices in my work.



My children were born in 2013 and 2015. My personal experience of becoming a mother has lead me to dream into world the Mother Nature project. As a result of the project we created the Mother’s Journey course, which supports women to make sense of their personal transformation into motherhood, builds on structured outdoor exercises. Another meaningful project I dreamed and then carried with an international group of professionals is “Inner pathways Toward Sustainability”. Within this project we explored the connection of regenerative practices and ecological lifestyle changes and activism, creating many useful tools that are available from the project’s website.

Between 2014-2019 I studied integral psychology and within my studies therapeutic communication and counselling. During my training years I completed many hours of personal development work within various methods. Counselling based on the studied methods is about supporting my clients with my full presence and unconditional acceptance. Walk and talk counselling is supported by the rhythmic movement of walking which releases tension and the surrounding natural environment which provides us with associative content. 

Currently I am in training with the British Tariki Trust’s Ten Directions Ecotherapy Training Programme. Mindful presence is fundamental part of outdoor one to one and group learning programmes. As we literally walk side by side in the landscape, we connect both with each other and with Nature around us. Being present outdoors reminds us of our authentic place in the ecosystem, we become integral part of the landscape.

I believe that each one of us may find our life elixir, the medicine we want to offer to the world, our authentic purpose in life. My intention is to support learners in this.


Deep Ecology workshop at the Human Ecology Course (“Kisközösségi Program”) yearly since 2014

Integral Ecology modul at Integrál Academy in Budapest, yearly since 2015

Zone Zero module at PDC course organised by “Életfa Permakultúra”, yearly since 2018

Funding president of Pandora Deep Ecology Association, since 2012

Coordinator of “Inner Pathways Toward Sustainability” international strategic partnership project (2018-2020)

Coordinator of “Mother Nature” international strategic partnership project (2017-2020)




University degree on cultural management and adult education, University of Pécs, Hungary, 1997-2001

Training For Young Environmental Leaders, Regional Environmental Center, 2005

Training For Trainers for the European Youth Programme, 2005-2006

Kundalini Yoga Level One Instructor, KRI, 2010-2011

Ecovillage Design Education and Training For Trainers, GAIA Educations, 2011

Integral Psychology, Integral Academy, Budapest 2014-2019

The Schumacher College Certificate in Leadership and Facilitation, 2018

Ten Directions Ecotherapy Training Programme, 2020 – in training

Forest Bathing Guide, The Forest Therapy Hub, 2021 – in training