I studied counselling and therapeutic communication as part of my integral psychology studies between 2014-2019 at Integral Academy, Budapest. My main learning is that full empathetic listening can catalyse inner change and heal the soul.

As part of my three years of studying psychology I took part at many group therapy sessions and this was preceded by many years of personal development work, yoga and meditation practice. My past fifteen years of professional and personal discoveries lead me to the field of eco therapy. I am currently studying at the Ten Directions Ecotherapy Training Programme of Tariki Trust. I am grateful for having found this approach which combines Buddhist pscychology with ecotrapahy and invites us for a mindful presence in Nature. 

During the one to one walk and talk sessions I accompany clients with my full attention and deep listening. My presence and the presence of the more than human world supports you in your process of reconnecting with your inner knowing to find solutions for your questions and you are the master of your own life.


I will accompany you with my full attention using the tools of therapeutic communication. I support you to look into the areas of your life and to get new insights enabling you to make the desired or necessary changes. Walking and talking while being outdoors is unique in the sense of moving out from the four walls and connecting with Nature around us inviting the surroundings to witness and contain our session.


By walking and breathing in fresh air we catalyse physiological processes that release tension, help you to express your feelings and talk freely about your inner landscape. The rhythmic movement and becoming conscious about our peripheric perceptions help communication between counsellor and client, and the Natural surroundings provide us with space for associations.

While you are talking about yourself I ask you to look around and tell me what you perceive. Connecting with the “other” out there supports analogue thinking, increasing creativity, forms and shapes of Nature are filled with content and might help you to gain a new perspective on your inner world. 

Three players take part in walk and talk sessions: you, me and the Nature around us.

10 + 2 =


We agree about the frame of our work by phone, to create a safe container. 

We meet at one of the outdoor places recommended by me, which is safe and undisturbed to lead a one hour walk.

After the first session we decide together whether we want to continue working together. We contract for 5-10 sessions to work on a specific area of your life. 


Outdoor personal counselling and group work takes place in Nature, using various methods based on activities and reflection. Aha moments, learning and personal development happens as a result of lived, embodied experience. 

Based on ecopsychology our alienation from nature stands in the background of many psychological ailments. Exoteraphy uses activities which heal this disconnection and reconnects us with the more than human world. Holistic relation between human and other life forms means a reciprocal healing: Nature heals us and we give a positive contribution to make the world a more beautiful place. Ecoteraphy’s approach is one of this mutually healing relationship between us and the whole of Nature. We take refuge in the healing qualities of the Earth and thus we take responsibility to restore ecological balance. 

During walk and talk sessions I use the tools of therapeutic listening, I hold the space, listen, and support you with questions and my understanding. During the walks Nature becomes the third party of this relationship. nature provides us with content for our associations and with surroundings for embodied experience. Experiential learning happens through meeting and being in and with Nature. 

We may develop our conscious presence in many ways. Drawing back to Buddhist traditions we may follow our breath, our bodily sensations, our mindful presence. We may cultivate mindfulness in the way how we notice small details around us being outdoors. Also based on the Buddhist text, as a counsellor I stand for two main qualities of accompaniment working together: one-pointed mind, meaning being present with no judgements, and compassion, empathetic listening and taking a stand by you under any circumstances.

“Walking on fresh air and Ági’s devoted attention and skillful questions made the session flowing and gave me AHA moments about my theme. ”

Zoltán Kerényi-Kiss

client, walk and talk session

“Agi has an accepting, loving attention that is a rare gift in my every day life. I know I can share anything with her and it is also OK to talk rapsodically, she helps me to stay in focus and to move on.